We want your views

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue wants to provide excellent services to its communities and continually improve the way we deliver them.

To help us deliver this, after we have attended a house fire we want to send members of the public a short survey to give them a chance to give their feedback on the service they received.  We would like your help in developing this.
Our survey

Our proposed 'after the incident' customer feedback survey is below. People will be asked to give an answer on a scale ranging from "Very satisfied" to 'Very dissatisfied" to the following, main questions:

1) How satisfied were you with our handling of your 999 call?

2) How satisfied were you with the timeliness of our arrival?

3) How satisfied were you with the quality of our work to put out your fire?

4) How satisfied were you with the care and information you received after your fire was out?

5) How satisfied were you with the conduct, professionalism and appearance of our staff?

6) Overall, how satisfied were you with the service we have provided to you at this fire?

Question Title

* 1. Are you happy that the questions we are asking are easy to understand, or do you have any suggestions for alternative ways in which they might be worded?

Question Title

* 2. Are there any additional questions you think we should be asking members of the public who have suffered a house fire about the service they received?

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* 3. Do you have any other comments about the way we receive feedback from the public about the service they have received from us at emergency incidents?

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* 4. If you would like to be consulted in the future on the work of South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue, please provide your email address below

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* 5. What is your postcode?

This survey closes at 11.59pm on Sunday 13 October 2015.