ADVMoto Dealer Survey Introduction

ADVMoto Magazine is excited to announce the Dealership Program to bring the magazines to dealerships throughout the country.  To help us understand your concerns,  please fill out the survey below.  The survey has only 11 quick (multiple choice) questions and will take no more than 2-3 minutes to complete.

Through our Dealership Program, we offer a free 6 months, no obligation, no counting, no returns trial to dealerships who are interested in learning about, or promoting, the ADV/Dual Sport segment.  If you'd like to sign up or learn more, please complete the last optional question providing your information. This information will not be shared or sold outside of ADVMoto.

We appreciate your interest in this survey and program!  If you have any questions about promoting ADV bikes in your shop, please let us know at or by email at:

Ride Safe, Have Fun,
ADVMoto Team