ADVMoto Dealer  Introduction

The ADVMoto Magazine Dealership Program, offers a free 6 month, no obligation, no counting, no returns trial to dealerships and clubs who are interested in learning about and promoting the ADV/Dual-sport segment.  No contracts. Anyone can cancel at anytime.  It's EZ...fill in the information fields below and submit to get started!

Issues are free to sell, give away, use as educational material or another reason to attract customers on a regular basis in conjunction with your ongoing promotions. 

• All we ask is that issues received are displayed in a prominent area of your store (we may ask for a snap shot).

• All dealerships which sign-up and send proof of display will be announced on our social media. Providing quality images of your store or club will help make this effective. 


We appreciate your interest in this survey and program!  If you have any questions about promoting ADV bikes in your shop, please let us know at or by email at:

Ride Safe, Have Fun,
ADVMoto Team

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* 2. If you'd like to join the ADVMoto Dealership Program, please complete the contact information below. Your information will not be shared with outside parties.

Thanks again for your interest in ADVMoto!  We'll follow up with you after the first issue is received to check how customers and staff respond to the program, and if you'd like to continue.

Some helpful points...

• Issues usually arrive two weeks before the newsstand Month. (i.e. the March issue generally arrives mid February)

• Please also complete the optional Dealership Survey after the sign-up link to help us better understand your business or club. Your information will not be shared or sold outside of ADVMoto.

If you have any questions, or would like to bounce ideas,  please don't hesitate to contact us at or by e-mail at:

Ride Safe, Have Fun,
ADVMoto Team