ADRIART Needs Analysis


This questionnaire gathers opinions about the needs and preferences for an international postgraduate (master) study programme in the realm of art. Here, You are being addressed as potential student, either for the programme, exchange/mobility or collaboration...

With a focus on digital media, the programme will cover a wider range of audio-visual and inter-media artistic practices in the environments of film, contemporary art and creative industries. Each student will obtain at least half of the credits through international academic mobility (on line-supported workshops, lectures and seminars) at institutions abroad, in Austria, Croatia, Italy and Slovenia.

The questionnaire should take You no more than 5 minutes. 
Many thanks for Your precious time and kind help,

the ADRIART consortium

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* 1. Please rate potential expectations from such a master programme - after students finish such a programme, they would expect to benefit in terms of:

  not important at all of minor importance of major importance most important N/A
getting a fixed job
being equipped for flexible work opportunities (project, part-time owork etc.)
possibility of studying on another master porgramme
possibility of studying on phd (doctoral) level
getting better/new technical skills
getting better/new practical experience in artistic production
getting better/new theoretical knowledge
expanding professional/academic network

* 2. According to your selection above, please describe briefly an "ideal graduate" of such a programme (what does s/he know, what skills does s/he have, any specific competencies, or even personal characteristics...):

* 3. Which teaching tools, methods and organisation models should be used in such a master programme?

  not important/needed at all of minor importance/need of major importance/need most important/needed
face-to-face teaching and learning only
online teaching and learning only
blended learning (combination of online and face-to-face communication)
frontal lectures (theory and case studies ex cathedra)
seminars (equal contributions of theory and case studies within study group)
practical workshops
computer-based work
laboratory/studio work
site-specific research and production work
public space research and production work
work structured according to production phases
archive research work
longer academic mobility periods abroad (1-6 months)
shorter academic mobility periods abroad (1-2 weeks)

* 4. Which are the topics or problem areas that you think such a master programme should specifically focus on (in order to distinguish itself from other similar programmes)?

  not important at all of minor importance of major importance most important
local site-specific topics
regional mobility
common historical context (Austro-Hungarian)
international politics
citizen rights
the littoral ("Adriatic")
the mountinous ("Alpine")
sustainable lifestyles
preservation of culture
relations of art and science
minority issues

* 6. According to your selection above, please describe briefly what kind of involvement or offer would you expect from these institutions, in connection with the master programme (internships, workshops, contests etc.)?

Please kindly provide some of Your demographic data (anonymity guaranteed; none of this data should be disclosed to third persons in individual form; data will be used solely for the purposes of this research):

* 9. City/town of residence/work

* 11. Affiliation (insert: name of your institution or company)

* 13. Respondent interest - select the field(s) you are active/interested in (max. 5 choices)