* 1. How committed are you to adoption/rescue (as opposed to getting a pet from a pet store or breeder)?

* 2. What has been your experience with the adoption process?

* 3. Sometimes we hear that it takes a while for shelters/rescues to return calls or provide feedback. How many times would you try to adopt before you would consider getting a pet from a pet store or breeder?

* 4. Have you ever contacted an adoption group about a pet and received NO REPLY?

* 5. Would you rather adopt from a shelter or a rescue/foster group?

* 6. Which of the following influences your decision above?

  Makes me choose a shelter There is no difference, overall Makes me choose a rescue / foster group
The health of the pets
Their attitude toward me
Their attitude toward the pet
Desire for an easy, pleasant experience
Doing the most good
Variety of pets
Their expertise and advice

* 7. If you are are interested in a particular pet from a shelter/rescue, how would the following impact your efforts:

  Totally turns me off of adoption Will make me consider pet store/breeder Will make me consider another adoption group I will pursue this pet no matter what
Patronizing attitude
A slow process / unresponsive staff
Desire for puppies/kittens
A depressing atmosphere
Unreasonable/annoying policies
Desire for a healthy pet
Desire for expertise about the pet
Desire for convenient hours/location
Desire for a well-behaved pet

* 8. In your experience shelter/foster workers are: