During his 2009 charge to Diocesan Synod Bishop John Chapman expressed his desire for the Diocese to improve its collective response to issues of child poverty in our midst. In response to the Bishop's charge the Diocesan Community Ministries Development Committee struck a Task Force on Child Poverty that has since been charged with identifying, recognizing and developing local capacities for education and advocacy related to the alleviation of child poverty within the geographic region served by the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa.

The Task Force’s ultimate goal will be to assist in the development of new contextual ministries to better address child poverty within the communities served by our Diocese, including the creation of strategic partnerships between the Diocese and both faith-based and secular organizations already working towards similar goals.

As part of our initial work, the Task Force is conducting an internal audit to ascertain what our congregations are currently doing, both independently and in partnership with other groups, to address issues of child poverty in their communities. The information collected by this survey will assist the Task Force and the Bishop's Office in shaping our Diocese’ collective response to the multi-faceted problem of child poverty in our region. We thank you for you help with this valuable work!