Between 08 October and 07 December 2018, various admission authorities in York are jointly consulting and asking for feedback on the proposed admissions policies and arrangements for applications to start a new school in September 2020.  Specifically we wish to hear the views of parent/carers of children who were born between:

-      01/09/2015 to 31/08/2016 – who will start infant or primary school in 2020-2021

-      01/09/2012 to 31/08/2013 who currently attend Year 1 at an infant school – who may be applying to start Year 3 at a junior school in 2020-2021

-      01/09/2008 to 31/08/2009 who currently attend Year 5 at a primary or junior school – who will be applying to start Year 7 at a secondary school in 2020-2021

-      01/09/2003 to 31/08/2004 who currently attend Year 10 at a secondary school – who may be applying to start Year 12 at a school sixth form in 2020-2021

On the following pages are questions first relating to you (if you would like to provide this information), and later questions on the specific admissions policies and arrangements for 2020-2021.  All these documents can be found in full online at and we recommend you view this information before completing this survey.  If you would like to respond in more detail please email making clear which arrangements your comments relate to.  All comments will be forwarded to the relevant admissions authority for their consideration before formally agreeing these arrangements.

Thank you for taking the time to take part in this consultation.

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* 3. Are you responding in relation to the admission arrangements of: (please tick all relevant boxes)

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