My name is David Hildebrandt.  I am a faculty member at Northcentral University.  I am researching the work-life of part-time faculty at colleges and universities.


If you participate in this research, you will be asked to complete an online survey.  The survey will take about 7-minutes to complete.

You are eligible to participate in this research if:
1.      You are 18-65 years of age.
2.      You work as an adjunct faculty member.
3.      Your place of work is based in The United States of America.

I hope to include 500 people in this research.


There are minimal risks in this study.  Some possible risks include discomfort in answering questions or a sense of anxiety as you reflect upon your work-life.

To decrease the impact of these risks, you can: take a break, skip any question, or stop participation at any time.


If you decide to participate, there are no immediate benefits for you.  The potential benefits to others are: changes to student load, changes to pay structure, or changes to on-boarding and training of new faculty,


The information you provide is confidential.  I will not ask for any personally identifiable information. The online survey software will not store your computers Internet address.

I am the only individual that will have access to your information.  The Institutional Review Board may also review my research and view your information.

I will secure your information with these steps: downloading all responses, removing responses from the online survey site, and encrypting the data on my computer.

I will keep your data for 7 years. Then, I will delete electronic data and destroy paper data.

Contact Information:

If you have questions for me, you can contact me at: or at +1 707.320.0510.

If you have questions about your rights in the research, If a problem has occurred, or if you are injured during your participation, please contact the Institutional Review Board at: or 1-888-327-2877 ext 8014.

Voluntary Participation:

Your participation is voluntary.  If you decide not to participate, or if you stop participation after you start, there will be no penalty to you.  You will not lose any benefit to which you are otherwise entitled.

Question Title

* 1. Do you consent to participate in this research?