20 MPH survey

The following short survey is being conducted by your local Addiscombe Councillors. We would like to hear your views on whether a 20 MPH zone in residential streets is supported by local residents. This is only an initial consultation. The results will be made publicly available once complete.

Personal information such as email will only be used to keep you informed or send you the results. No personal information will be included in the published results.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of this survey please contact mark.watson@croydonlabour.org.uk

* 1. Do you think traffic travels too fast on your road / street?

* 2. Do you have a problem with 'rat running' in your street (vehicles using your road as a cut through)?

* 3. Which road / street do you live on?

* 4. Do you think a 20 MPH limit in your street would improve or worsen the following:

  Improve a lot Improve No change Make worse Make a lot worse
Pedestrian use of street
Cyclist use of street
Safety in street
Overall quality of life
Traffic flow
Vehicles using the street as a cut through
Vehicle access for residents

* 5. Would you support a 20 MPH zone in your road / street?

* 6. Would you support 20 MPH zones in all residential streets your neighborhood?