Please use this survey to send information about materials your library has acquired and for which there is no record currently available in NHU-PAC.
For each item you need a MARC record for you will need to complete a separate survey.




* Author:

* Title (including subtitle if present):

* Edition:

* Place of Publication:

* Publisher:

* Date of publication:

* Last page # printed in book or extent of item:

* Other physical details:

* Dimensions (in cm. rounded up)

* Accompanying material:

* Additional info to help NHAIS Services match your item to the correct MARC record:

* Your HSA code:

* Your library name (as a double check against typos in the HSA code):

* Your local call # for this item (including pre- and post-stamps):

If your call number does not include a prestamp AND it is in the 000 Dewey range, please add a period to the front of the number to preserve the leading zeros.

* Public notes to display in NHU-PAC with your holding:

* Do you want a copy of the MARC record for this emailed to your library? If you have not had MARC records emailed to you before you will need to contact NHAIS Services at 271-2141 to set up this service.

* If you are already profiled to get catalog cards from NHAIS and you want them for this, which type do you need?

When you have entered and verified all your information click the SUBMIT button to submit your record request to NHAIS Services.