Thanks for your interest in overseeing our online marketing! We look forward to speaking soon to review your qualification. As a first step, however, please kindly answer these questions, designed to showcase your experience and skills:

Having to share a long car ride with a business leader of your choice, who would you select and what would you talk about? Conversely, whom would you treat to a prolonged silence?

What recent social media campaign stands out as being especially memorable, and what lessons have you drawn from its success or failure?

Google's dominance in search and its popularity with advertisers is driving ad expenditures higher and ROI results lower. What alternatives would you advocate in creating a marketing plan for 2013?

What role would affiliate marketing play in your plan for next year, and how to best use this form of advertising?

Banks and internet providers are all clamoring to make money from behavioral marketing. Is the hype justified and how would you integrate behavioral targeting into your marketing mix?

Apple is notable among technology companies for lacking a Twitter page. Is this an oversight or might there be valid reasons for brands to avoid social media? What are your thoughts?