Is Strava missing a sport or activity type? Let us know, and add your support for your favorite activity types below. 

Question Title

* 1. Rate how interested you would be in tracking the following activities on Strava:

  not at all interested Somewhat interested very interested
Mountain Biking
Ruck or Rucking
Indoor Cycle or Spinning/Spin Class
Ball sports (soccer, baseball, football, rugby, volleyball, softball, lacrosse)
Skateboarding and Longboarding
Tennis and Squash and Badminton
Equestrian or Horseback Ride
Sailing and Boating
Flying, Paragliding and Parachuting
Elliptical or ElliptiGo
Tandem Bike Ride
Ice Hockey
Motorbike, Motocross, or Dirt Bike Ride

Question Title

* 3. What metrics, analyses, or features are most useful when tracking this activity? As in, what can Strava do to make tracking this activity unique, insightful and fun?