* 1. How many neurons are there in the average human brain?

* 2. Which neurotransmitter is most affected by alcohol?

* 3. When an action potential occurs in a neuron, the afterhyperpolarization is caused by:

* 4. What is the only sense not to be relayed through the thalamus?

* 5. The output of the basal ganglia is:

* 6. Alan Hodgkin and Andrew Huxley first described their model of how action potentials are formed and propagated in:

* 7. The brain is 2% of the body’s weight but uses what percent of the body’s energy?

* 8. A positive Babinski sign, with upward movement of the big toe and fanning downward of the other toes, is a sign that a lesion has occurred where?

* 9. If a person’s brain is giving off alpha waves, that person is most likely:

* 10. The neurologist who divided the brain into 52 areas based on cytoarchitecture was:

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