Welcome to the 2020 Action in Biotech application.

Please thoroughly read the text below before filling out an application. 
Thank you for your interest in Biogen's Community Lab summer program.  Please review the information below regarding eligibility, the application process and how your information will be handled. Then proceed to fill out the application.

Questions may be directed to the Community Lab team: 
  • Massachusetts Questions: CommunityLab@biogen.com
The application period ends Monday, June 8, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.  Late applications will not be accepted. We are not responsible for incomplete applications. 
To Apply
The student applying for the program must fill out the questions on the following pages. Parents are not allowed to submit an application on behalf of their child.
Questions marked with an * are required. Please note that the on-line application and data collection are on a third party site (Survey Monkey). The data collected will be for the sole use of the Biogen Community Labs for selecting participants and for tracking general demographics. Data will not be shared with anyone else and data will be deleted from Survey Monkey site following the application process.
The student applicant will be asked for the following information: Name, current grade, address, email and phone for student and all parent/guardians, school name, ranked session choice, household income, background ethnicity and how you found out about the program. Students will also be asked to list any previous STEM programs they have participated in and other programs they are applying to for summer 2020.
Students will need to thoughtfully answer the following question in 150-250 words, “Why are you interested in participating in the Biogen Community Lab’s 'Action in Biotech'summer program?It is recommended that you compose your short answer prior to starting your application as Survey Monkey may "time-out", and we cannot be responsible for incomplete app
20% of survey complete.