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The Alumni Council Nominating & Governance Committee proposes the following slate for election to the Alumni Council. New members and term renewals are in bold, serving a three-year term from June 2023 to June 2026.

This year’s election will take place at the Annual Meeting of the Alumni Association during Reunion Weekend on Saturday, June 10. All Sarah Lawrence alumni are members of the Alumni Association and are welcome to attend the annual meeting of the Alumni Association.

Tracey Bey Johnson ’99—Member at Large (2023-2026)
Montclair, NJ

Sean Campbell MFA '11—Member at Large (2023-2026)
New York, NY

Ann Fountain ’05—Member at Large (2023-2026)
Atlanta, Georgia

Sarah Blanche Klein '20—Member at Large, re-election for second term
New York, NY

Halie May MS '18—Member at Large (2023-2026)
New York, NY

Slade Roff ’12—Member at Large (2023-2026)
Philadelphia, PA

B Dean Skibinski '96—Member at Large (2023-2026)
New York, New York

Emma Tynan '20—Member at Large, re-election for second term (2023-2026) 
Los Angeles, CA

Leigh Heyman '98—President (2021-2024)
Brookline, MA

Khaliah Williams '02—Vice President (2021-2024)
Brooklyn, NY
Myles Lewis Alexander '10—Member at Large (2021-2024)
Los Angeles, CA
Manuela Barreneche '14—Member at Large (2021-2024)
Chicago, IL
Andrea Fono '86—Member at Large (2021-2024)
San Francisco, CA

Soledad Fox Maura '90—Member at Large (2022-2025)
Madrid, Spain / Williamstown, MA

Melanie Hood-Wilson '93, MSEd '94—Member at Large (2022-2025)
Baltimore, MD

Alex Leff '00—Member at Large (2021-2024)
Washington, D.C.
Ouida Maedel '06—Member at Large (2021-2024)
Washington, D.C.
Vrinda Manglik '08—Member at Large (2021-2024)
Oakland, CA
Tasha Neumeister '99—Member at Large (2021-2024)
Chicago, IL

Denne Michele Norris MFA '12—Member at Large (2022-2025)
New York, NY

Celia Pilkington '94—Member at Large (2022-2025)
New York, NY

Benjamin J. Salazar '95, MSEd '96—Member at Large (2022-2025)
Dallas, TX

Adam Treitler '15 —Member at Large (2022-2025)
New York, NY

Natalia Vargas-Caba '18—Member at Large (2022-2025)
New York, NY

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