The Anglican Church of Canada, with direction from General Synod 2019, has embarked on a strategic planning process to guide the work of the national church to the year 2028. At this early stage of our work we are providing an online version of the questions being posed at various events throughout the country. These are early days to this process but we wanted to create opportunities for anyone to provide comment.

Thank you for your interest in providing input in this stage of the strategic planning process of the Anglican Church of Canada. This survey has been set up to allow individuals to provide comment. Please feel free to enter as much or as little as you wish in any (or all) of the question boxes. Please go to if you need further information on the services and programs provided by the national church.

 If you would like to contact the Chair of the Strategic Plan Working Group, Judith Moses, please email her at

If you are interested in being involved in the unfolding of future engagement and consultation opportunities in your diocese please contact Judith at

Thank you again for your input,

The Strategic Plan Working Group
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