Air Cargo World is pleased to solicit your nominations for 2015 Air Cargo Executive of the Year to celebrate achievement in the air cargo industry.

The Air Cargo Executive of the Year will be named on the cover of the Dec/Jan issue of Air Cargo World. Additionally, we will cite several other executives who have made notable contributions to the industry in 2014, as well as highlight several "executives to watch" in 2015.

Air Cargo World, the industry's oldest and largest-circulation magazine, has traditionally recognized air cargo leaders in its year-end issue, but this is the first time we have asked for your input into our selection and will select one Air Cargo Executive of the Year. Our goal with this initiative is to celebrate air cargo and to "set the bar" for great achievement in the industry.

To be clear, this is not a "popularity contest," but a sincere effort to identify and recognize those individuals who have furthered -- or will further -- the industry as a whole. This initiative is particularly important considering that, after two recessive years for global air cargo, the industry is in need of creative energy and innovative ideas. We hope this effort acts as a catalyst for that.

Please note that executives are not permitted to nominate themselves. Also, each industry member is permitted to vote only once. All responses will remain confidential.

Nominations may be submitted until Thursday, 23 October 2014.

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* 1. Which of the following executives do you believe should be the Air Cargo Executive of the Year for 2014?

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* 2. If your choice for Air Cargo Executive of the Year for 2014 is NOT one of the five listed above, please write in your selection here:

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* 3. Which air cargo executive will make the greatest difference or help the industry most in 2015?

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* 5. At what type of company do you work?