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For questions please contact the Office of EMS at 907-465-8634 or EMSinfo@alaska.gov.

The Governor’s Alaska Council of EMS seeks subject matter experts to volunteer on the Special Projects Committee to aid the Alaska Office of EMS in developing and implementing future improvements to the Alaska EMS system.
The purpose of this Special Projects Committee is to collaborate with the State of Alaska Office of EMS to affect improvements to the EMS Systems in areas of Ground Ambulance Service, Air Medical, Emergency Medical Service Dispatch, and other areas as needed.

Committee Activities
A. Discuss, create, and amend documents directly affecting Ground Ambulance Service, Air Medical, Emergency Medical Service Dispatch, and other areas as needed.
B. Develop and enact roll-out(s) plan as needed.
C. Suggest specific recommendations for other identified improvements.

Work Plan
The Special Projects Committee Chairs will design a project management system that allows for up to two webinar meetings per month with a division of work relevant to the expertise of Special Projects Committee members. Meetings will be recorded should members be unable to attend a scheduled meeting that affects members’ regular commitments.

Committee Appointments
Initial appointments for the Special Projects Committee (SPC) will be confirmed by December 31st
Applications will continue to be accepted to allow the SPC to fill committee vacancies as they occur.

Applicant Agreement
By filling out and submitting the following application I agree to the following statement:
I am willing to participate in the ACEMS Special Projects Committee, attend scheduled meetings, and participate in workplace activities and projects. I understand that absenteeism as described in ACEMS bylaws is grounds for dismissal.

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