Disability Action Access Survey Petition

The Planning Service recently told Disability Action that funding for its Access Service was to be withdrawn from the end of September 2010. We met with Minister for the Environment Edwin Poots and have also met with the Environment Committee and other key stakeholders. At present Planning Service has agreed to reinstate 25% of the funding from April 2011 but what was a comprehensive service has now been decimated. Disability Action submitted a comprehensive economic appraisal to the Department to demonstrate the impact of the service on the lives of disabled people, however the cut has still been implemented. To ensure that we keep the momentum on the issue we have written the following statement. Please sign up using the form to show your support.

"Disability Action's Access Service is a specialist service offering expertise to a wide range of stakeholders in relation to access to the physical environment for people with disabilities. We urge the Minister of Environment to continue fully funding this service which is essential to ensure that the many barriers that disabled people face in accessing our towns, cities, streets and buildings are addressed."

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