1. Quality of Academic Program Learning Outcomes

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Please share your opinion about your program. select the option that best matches your opinion to each of the 6 questions below. This survey is anonymous. It is based on the WASC rubric for assessing the quality of academic program learning outcomes. Your participation assists us in improving program review at CDU. Thanks

* 1. In your opinion, the program you are associated with has a COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF PROGRAM LEARNING OUTCOMES at the following stage:

* 2. In your opinion, your program's ASSESSMENT OF OUTCOMES is at the following stage:

* 3. In your opinion, the ALIGNMENT of program learning outcomes is at the following stage:

* 4. In your opinion, the ASSESSMENT PLANNING is at the following stage:

* 5. In your opinion, the STUDENT EXPERIENCE is at the following stage:

* 7. Thanks for your participation in this survey. We hope it can give you an indication of where is your program in regards to learning outcomes and what is expected for improvement. Please feel free to share any comments or questions: