Graduate Satisfaction Survey Class of 2017

Please mark the appropriate box under each Program Student Learning Outcome based on how you feel you can perform each competency behavior. If you indicate “less than average” or “almost never” please include an example under the additional comments section.  Thank you!

* 1. Create patient-centered, quality, safe, evidence-based nursing care to diverse patients across the lifespan.

* 2. Design a caring environment for patients, families, and communities to promote wellness, prevent disease, and facilitate healing.

* 3. Generate critical thinking necessary to provide quality patient care

* 4. Professionally communicate/collaborate with the members of the interprofessional team, the patient and families to provide and improve patient care.

* 5. Exemplify leadership in a variety of healthcare settings for diverse patient populations.

* 6. Synthesize information technology to communicate, manage knowledge, mitigate error and support decision-making.

* 7. Assimilate professional, ethical, and legal guidelines in practice as a professional nurse

* 8. Where are you currently employed?

* 9. How long have you been employed there?

* 10. Where you employed as a RN within six (6) months of graduation?

* 11. How long was your orientation?  Did it include an internship?

* 12. Overall how do you feel your orientation experience was?

* 13. Was the information you received in orientation reinforcement of the knowledge you learned in school or new information?  Please explain.


* 15. Please list your name for reporting purposes