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Getting your thoughts as a franchise owner

We want to get your thoughts on an important bill in front of the California legislature in 2022. AB 257, the FAST Recovery Act, will be up for reconsideration in January. If passed, the Act would: 
  1. Help franchisees secure the financial resources and flexibility they need to operate safely, in compliance with health, safety, and workplace laws.
  2. Require corporate franchisors to share legal responsibility for ensuring compliance and no longer be permitted to require local franchisees to indemnify them.
  3. Permit local franchisees to file legal actions to win improvements from corporate franchisors when restrictive contract terms present a barrier to complying with health, safety and workplace laws.
  4. Form a Fast-Food Sector Council to give small business owners in this industry a seat at the table. The Council would bring together fast-food workers, local franchisees, corporate franchisors, and public officials to develop industry standards for the fast-food sector. Those standards would apply equally to all fast-food employers.
We value your opinion on AB 257. Please take a few moments to tell us what you like about the bill, and what small business advocates should be fighting for.