Calling All Articulate FCS Experts
AAFCS Needs You For Our Media Response Team!

Interested? Tell us about yourself!

In order to successfully achieve the AAFCS strategic goal of public awareness, it is important that we are READILY available to the media. We are looking for members with expertise in all areas of family and consumer sciences to respond to the inquiries from reporters and broadcast media representatives. Current topics range from how our classes can help prevent obesity and improve financial literacy to how “Home Ec” has changed over the years and should it be brought back.

In order to be successful with the media, we must provide information requested in a timely manner. If you decide to apply to become one of our experts, it is vital that you are able to respond quickly and follow through.

You may need to be available by cell phone during the day, if your work does not allow you to be near a telephone. Your timely response helps to build AAFCS’ reputation as a reliable resource for the media and make it more likely that they will come to us again in the future.

To apply to be on the Media Response Team, please complete the application form on the following pages.

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