* 1. Did you attend the Valparaiso Law Alumni Reception on November 14 in Ft. Wayne?

* 2. Do you usually attend Valparaiso Law Alumni receptions?

* 3. What type of invitation motivated you to attend?

* 4. Did you travel to attend this reception?

* 5. Were you pleased with the atmosphere, food and beverage services at the event?

* 6. Did you have the opportunity to speak with the students who attended the event?

* 7. Is it appealing to you to have students attend these types of events?

* 8. Are you interested in being a mentor to Valparaiso Law students or recent grads?

* 9. If you had the option, what else would you like to see at alumni receptions?

* 10. Please update your contact information! Where would you prefer Valparaiso Law School Alumni Relations contact you?

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