Welcome to the survey!

Thank you for taking part in our research. We are interested in music and your wellbeing. For now this survey is limited to people who currently live in the UK and are 18 or over. Please complete this survey only once.

Your participation in this research is voluntary, and you may withdraw from the study at any time if you wish. By clicking "Next" below you are giving your informed consent to participate in the study.

What will we do with your data?
The data you provide will be anonymous (separated from your name) and confidential (not disclosed to anyone else). The data will be stored securely at the Royal College of Music according to the College's Data Retention Policy and used as part of the HEartS project which is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council to explore the health, social and economic impact of the arts. We plan to publish portions of our dataset, reports, articles and presentations based on our findings, but you will not be identifiable from the data included.

Who should I contact if I have queries about the research?
If you have any queries or concerns about the research, you can contact our research team at hearts@rcm.ac.uk. The project has been reviewed and approved by the Conservatories UK Research Ethics Committee.

We will be asking you questions about your mental health and wellbeing. Therefore, at the end of the questionnaire there will be links to sources of information and support on these issues.

By clicking "Next" you are giving your informed consent to participate in the study and confirming that:
- this is the first time you are completing this survey,
- you live in the UK, and
- you are over 18 years old.

July 2018