Thank you for for your interest in testing Zilch's new in-car filter tip and gum bins.

Zilch's in-car bins don't smell when in use and never need to be cleaned out.

So, to take part in the trial, please provide your postal and e-mail address below and we'll soon send you an in-car bin - yours to keep after the end of the trial.

All we'll ask is that after a month you complete a brief online survey to give us the benefit of your experience.

By doing so you'll be helping to make the world a better place.

Many thanks,

Zilch UK
PS Your details will not be shared with anyone and will be used only for the purpose of this trial.

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* 1. Enter your full name, postal and e-mail address here.

The Company field is optional but do provide a business address if you would prefer to have your in-car bin delivered to your place of work as it will not fit through a letter box. It will be in a brown envelope with no markings indicating its association with Zilch.

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