‘Waste Free, Together’ - for people, environment and economy

‘Waste Free, Together’ - for people, environment and economy.
Wairarapa throws tonnes of rubbish into the landfill without a conscious thought of the future impact. That’s not good for our environment and  comes at increasing costs for our region . Our primary target for minimising waste is to aim for a reduction in the total quantity of waste sent to our landfill from 600kg per person per annum to 400kg. We are looking at options to find a better way and to do this we need your input. 

* 1. What district do you currently live in?

* 2. Do you compost your food and organic waste?
If no, skip to question 4.

* 3. If yes, how do you currently compost?

* 4. If no, would a kerbside food waste collection service encourage you to compost if it was available?

* 5. Would presentations or workshops about how to compost interest you?
If yes, please provide your contact details at the bottom of this survey.

* 6. Do you have any other suggestions regarding food or organic waste?

* 7. Do you currently utilise council kerbside recycling?
If yes, skip to question 9

* 8. If no, how do you recycle?

* 9. If yes how many recycling crates do you put kerbside?

* 10. Which option for kerbside recycling would suit your needs more?

* 11. Do you have any ideas about kerbside recycling for the three Wairarapa Councils to consider? 

* 12. If available would you utilise an e-waste service?

* 13. If yes, what e-waste items would you dispose of? 

* 14. Do you have any further suggestions regarding reducing e-waste into our landfill?

* 15. Do you reuse or repurpose reusable items?
If no, skip to question 17

* 16. If yes, how?

* 17. If no, how do you dispose of them?

* 18. If there was a Resource/Recovery Centre located near your Transfer Station  would you utilise it?

* 19. What type of items would you deposit or like to obtain from a Resource/Recovery Centre?

* 20. We encourage you to provide any further ideas regarding reducing reusable waste in our landfill:

* 21. If you are interested in further correspondence regarding Zero Waste Wairarapa and would like to join our database please provide your name and email address below. Details will be used for these purposes only.