The purpose of this survey is to gain feedback from employers on the Workplace Learning program at Esperance Senior High School. Your feedback is appreciated and will be used to improve our systems and processes in relation to Workplace Learning. Thank you for being part of this valuable program and providing feedback.

* 1. Please enter your Business/Organisation name.

* 2. How many students have you taken for Workplace Learning in 2017?

* 3. What age group of students have you taken for Workplace Learning in 2017?

* 4. Do you believe your students were adequately prepared and ready to undertake Workplace Learning with your business/organisation?

* 5. Please rank the following attributes for your students.

  Excellent Very Good Satisfactory Below Average Unsatisfactory
Wearing of appropriate attire, uniform and/or Personal Protective Equipment
Appropriate cleanliness and hygiene
Attendance and timeliness
Commitment and a willingness to learn
Students contacting employers when they are unable to attend

* 6. Please rate how satisfied you are with the level of information and support provided by the Workplace Learning teacher/supervisor.

* 7. Please describe any other improvements you would like to see in Esperance Senior High School's Workplace Learning Program.