Hypnosis for Childbirth

This is a survey for mom’s who have used a Hypnosis for Childbirth program for a baby who is already born.
If you have had more than one hypno-baby, please fill out the survey for each birth separately. (If you have had 2 hypno-baby’s then fill it out 2 times)

* 1. What number baby did you use hypnosis for birth and this survey is in response to?
(So if you used Hypnosis for Childbirth for your 2nd and 3rd baby, but this time you answer the survey you are talking about your 2nd baby, then mark just 2... come back and fill it out again for #3)

* 2. Where did you have this birth?

* 3. How long was your birthing time?

* 4. Did you get induced to start your birthing time?

* 5. Did you get any augmentation during your birth? (for example: pitocin for "moving things along")

* 6. Did you have a posterior baby? (back labor)