At Get Ready Set Grow Childcare we believe family involvement, family satisfaction, and shared decision making are essential to the success of all children.  With that in mind please be as specific as possible when writing comments.

* 1. My child(ren) are in the following classrooms. . . (select all that apply)

* 2. Is your child greeted warmly upon arrival and departure each day by a GRSG staff member?

* 3. Does your child feel a special connection with at least one GRSG staff member?

* 4. Do you feel like owners, DJ and Jill, are approachable to discuss any issues?

* 5. The safety of all children is our first priority.  We address these needs by having a secured entrance, alerting a parent to a sick child, and providing a safe and supervised environment.  Do you feel like your child is safe while spending their days at GRSG?

* 6. Research shows that the first three years of life is the period of most rapid development for a child. Do you feel like your child's academic needs are being met?

* 7. We believe in the importance of teaching social and emotional skills.  Do you feel that we meet the needs of your infant by responding quickly to their needs and using their name?  Do you feel that we meet the needs of your older child by teaching social skills, reading books that deal with social issues such as bitting and hitting, and helping them to label and understand their own feelings?

* 8. Do you feel like your child's language skills are improved through interactions with the teacher and their classmates?

* 9. Do you feel that you have opportunities to talk with your child's teacher to see how their day went? Please comment if you have a suggestion for how we could improve this communication process.

* 10. We strive to form a caring learning community in which families, staff, and children form positive relationships allowing children to reach their true potential.  In what way could improve our services to better meet the needs of your family?