* 1. What do you think of the way SPEW Buddies is currently run? Would you prefer it with or without the character chats? Any other suggestions?

* 2. What do you think of the Category Patrolling Project? Do you find it useful, or is it not really needed in the SPEW forum?

* 3. What is your opinion on the number of reviews and activities that are required each month? Do you think three reviews and one monthly activity is sufficient? Would you rather have less or more?

* 4. Speaking of monthly activities, are you happy with the current drabble/discussion/featured author set-up, or would you like to see some change? If you’d like it to change, list your suggestions here.

* 5. Would you rather have a featured fic than a featured author? That is, we take a fic written by a SPEWer and you must review that for the monthly requirement instead of any fic by the given author.

* 6. What is your opinion of the Reviewer of the Month award? Do you think it is an adequate way of rewarding outstanding SPEWers, or would you prefer to see something different?

* 7. What do you think of our story exchanges? Are there too many or the right amount? This year I am planning on doing the Summer Story Swap at the beginning of May rather than 007, and we will probably skip the Halloween exchange. What do you think of this? Do you have any suggestions for how they are run?

* 8. The SPEW rules were written several years ago now, and are in much need of an update. Do you think they still adequately serve SPEW, or do you think they need changing? This can be in regards to anything – hiatuses, penalties, etc.

* 9. Are you happy with the way things are being run in SPEW on a management level? Do you have any suggestions for improvement?

* 10. Is there anything else that you would like to see in SPEW, or do you have any issues that were not covered by the questions above?