Participation Criteria:

Before submitting your package rates, we ask that you please review the following information:

* We ask that all Accommodation packages include a min. one-night stay as well as an added amenity (i.e. meals, in-room movie, parking, welcome gift, spa, gift certificate). Our campaigns will focus on family, romance, spa and shopping packages.
* Packages cannot include the same or similar offerings as Tourism Toronto in-market packages.
* The package you submit must be an existing product or service that you, the member, are able to fulfill completely. Tourism Toronto will not mail out or produce any coupons or vouchers.
* Packages are to be valid for a maximum of 120 days and will be removed from the website once they have reached their expiry date.
* We ask that you include only Tourism Toronto members when partnering for package offers, however, should you include non-members we will still accept it but will only list the type of business (i.e. hotel, restaurant) and not their name.
* This hotel rate must be 12% commissionable.
* This rate will be charged by Tourism Toronto at the time of booking.
* Hotels will be paid for all active bookings on a monthly basis, less the 12% commission.
* This package will be sold online,, and through Tourism Toronto's Sales Centre.

Please complete the following carefully, as the information will be used to create your listing online. A maximum of two (2) packages per member at any one time can be submitted for consideration, but you must complete separate submissions for each.

Questions? Please contact Maxine Morrell-West at 416-203-3806 or

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