Bus Driver Appreciation Day (BDAD) is March 18. The organizers of TriMet's involvement in BDAD 2013 want your feedback about BDAD 2013. Your anonymous and confidential responses will help shape planning and publicity going forward. Each TriMet employee is welcome to take this short survey once. Feedback from non-employees should go through 238-RIDE or comments@trimet.org. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Survey will close Friday, March 22.

* 1. How did you participate in BDAD this year? Check all that apply.

* 2. The purpose of BDAD is to "turn up the volume" on the appreciation that customers, coworkers and the public feel for their operators every day.

Which aspects of BDAD do you think are most effective? Check up to three.

* 3. What is the most memorable, heartwarming, funny or meaningful BDAD moment you experienced, or heard about?

* 4. Other feedback about Bus Driver Appreciation Day:

Thank you for your feedback. Watch Express Line for a report-back on the results of this survey.