Filling out this survey will populate a searchable spreadsheet,
so that builders and architects can find your FSC-certified products more easily.

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* 1. Please enter your FSC License Code below. (Don’t know your license code? Find it here.)

The following question pertains to your availability of certain product categories. To help customers find your products in a timely fashion, we sorted availability in two groupings: either available now/in stock, or available by special order.

Please keep this in mind as you select product categories in your scope.

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* 2. Please identify below the FSC-certified products that you keep in stock, and those that you can get with a special order. 

If you do not carry a product category, you may leave the row blank.

  Currently Available / In Stock Available by Special Order
Engineered Wood Products (e.g. I-joists, laminated strand lumber, glued-laminated beams, trusses, etc.)
Exterior Wood Siding
Hardwood Plywood
Reclaimed Wood Products & Materials
Rough Carpentry
Softwood Plywood
Standing & Running Trim
Wood Cabinets & Other Casework
Wood Countertops
Wood Decking
Wood Doors
Wood Fencing
Wood Flooring
Wood Shingles
Wood Stairs & Railings
Wood Veneers
Wood Windows

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* 3. Who is a contact person customers can reach out to with questions? Please fill out a contact name, contact email, and phone number.

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* 4. Please provide us with your company/organization information.

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* 5. If you would like to make a note about your FSC-certified products or describe an FSC-certified building product category you carry that was not listed, please do so here.

Thank you for filling out this survey! A searchable spreadsheet with this information will be available on our website as soon as possible. Please contact Brad Kahn with any comments or concerns:, +1-206-419-1607