* 1. When you think about the lower village of Taholah, what descriptive words come to mind?

* 2. What do you like about your community? What makes it special?

* 3. What is your vision for the new, upper village?

* 4. What characteristics would you bring from the lower village to the new upper village?

* 5. What type of housing would you like to have in the upper village? Choose one, two or all.

* 6. What don’t you have in the lower village that you want in the new, upper village?

* 7. What is most important for your children in the new village? Select 3.

* 8. What is most needed for the elders in the new village?  Select 2

* 9. What is most important for families in the new village? Select 3

* 10. Some lots in the lower village are small (5,000 SF) some are large (¼ acre).  Is it important to have a variety of lot sizes available in the upper village?

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