1. Environmental Quality

This section of the survey asks about your perceptions of ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY in Broome County.

Question Title

* 1. For each item:
Do you think this issue is a problem in Broome County?

  No Problem Small Problem Moderate Problem Large Problem Major Problem I don't know
Loss of green space (e.g. parks)
Air pollution (smog)
Untreated sewage
Inadequate garbage collection
Vacant lots
Indoor air quality
Junk cars / tires
Road maintenance / repair
Drinking water
Sidewalk maintenance / repair
Lead exposure
Sidewalk availability
Bike paths
Accessibility of public spaces (e.g. for people with wheelchairs, low/ no vision, etc.)
Littering / illegal dumping
Animal control
Affordable housing
Pedestrian crosswalks
Cigar / cigarette smoke
Noise pollution
Public transportation
Sewer lines maintenance / repair
Safe housing
Contaminated land (brownfields)
Abandoned buildings
Safe neighborhoods
Pesticide use
E-cigs/ vapes
Street lighting

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* 2. What keeps you from making healthier choices such as quitting smoking, exercising more, or eating healthier?
[Please type in your response]

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* 3. What changes would you like to see in Broome County to make it a healthier place to live?
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