Notice of Invitation to Participate

Morongo Basin Transit Authority Request for Proposal (RFP) #20-01, Multiple Award Joint Procurement for Cutaway, Electric Cutaway, and Vans.

Your response to this form is meant to establish a scope of work from participating and interested agencies who would like to use the procurement options for Cutaway, Electric Cutaway, Medium Duty Transit Vehicles, Front Engine Trolleys and Vans under upcoming RFP #20-01.  This form must be submitted to CALACT/MBTA in order to participate in RFP #20-01 purchases in the future. Please respond no later than April 17, 2020. For questions or more information, please call 916-920-8018.
Please fill out the minimum and maximum quantities bases on the reasonable and foreseeable needs identified in your service planning process for any purchases you may make during the contract period. Please indicate "0" if no purchases are anticipated in a given year. 
(Please note that actual footage of bus may be + /- 1 foot.)
The use of this communication is expressly for public agency participant use and not for reproduction for commercial interests.