Overview and Expectations:

Committee members play an integral role within Coastal YPN. They help make the events happen, make sure we are achieving our goals, and have the opportunity to keep you involved.

Upon receipt of your application, the Committee-Chair and Chamber of Commerce Staff Liaison will review your application and may set up an in-person interview to discuss your qualifications.

For any questions, contact Carissa Schlegel at carissa@sheboygan.org

Coastal YPN Committees:

Steering Committee:
The Coastal YPN Steering Committee’s primary goal is to assist the Chamber Staff Liaison with the implementation of Coastal’s vision and mission through strategic planning and leadership to Coastal sub-committees and Coastal at large. The Steering Committee is the Board of Directors equivalent for Coastal YPN. Responsibilities include the oversight of all subcommittees, develop and oversee the budget in collaboration with chamber staff, participate in short and long-range planning. Time commitment: minimum of 20 hrs/month.

Ambassador Committee:
Responsible for the recruitment and retention of individual and corporate members. Additionally, they are responsible for maintaining relationships between Coastal and other outside organizations. A partial list of responsibilities, but NOT limited to includes connecting with new members, meeting with prospective corporate members and present to local community organizations. Time commitment: minimum of 10 hrs/month.

Learning Committee:
Provides growth opportunities to Coastal members and other young professionals in the community through networking events, training seminars and other engaging lectures. Professional development topics are wide ranging and can span events with community leaders and career development workshops. Time commitment: minimum of 10 hrs/month.

Engagement Committee:
Develops, plans, and oversees the engagement Coastal events. The committee drives the social aspect of Coastal through signature events such Oktoberfeast, Experience events, After 5’s, and Behind-the-Scenes. Social networking activities are planned to accommodate the broad interests of the general membership and support Coastal’s overall mission. Time commitment: minimum of 10 hrs/month.

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