Design News wants to hear from you!

Your input will help us create content for our upcoming "Engineering Agenda" conference. The event will be held at Southern Methodist University on Earth Day, April 22, 2009. Green engineering thought leader, futurist and economic consultant to world leaders Amory Lovins will keynote the one-day event.

We will select a group of these submissions for presentation at the event, so tell us about the solutions your organization has to the world's most pressing environmental engineering challenges. All papers will be published in an eBook and posted on our website. You will receive a copy of the eBook if you submit an entry.

* 1. Please describe in 250 words or less a "green" or sustainable project at your company that you have overseen or for which you have been a key player.

* 2. How were the results or success of this green or sustainable project measured?

* 3. Why is green engineering important in your particular project(s)?

* 4. Would you be able to present your submission at our event? (Transportation/Accommodations provided)

* 5. What topics would you most like to learn more about at this conference?

* 6. We're curious - how much do you think you or your coworkers would pay for an event like this?

* 7. Please tell us about yourself. (*Required)

* 8. Please describe your job title and responsibilities.

* 9. Can our editors contact you directly to further discuss your comments or get your opinion on green engineering and our upcoming conference?