1. Objectives of this Survey

This survey is being conducted by scientists from two academic institutions in the United States of America:

The primary objectives of this survey are to identify the key features of an ideal CD4 measuring device for monitoring T cell levels in HIV/AIDS patients within countries with high incidence of HIV/AIDS.

This survey seeks information from you, as health care providers and professionals either working in Africa or working on Africa related projects, to determine

  • Is there a need for lower-cost CD4 testing devices?
  • What are the essential components and capabilities of such CD4 testing devices?

Ultimately, this survey will help the scientists understand:

  • Current problems with CD4 testing
  • How your healthcare facility/organization might benefit from significantly lowered costs associated with CD4 testing
  • What specific components/capabilities of a CD4 device do you need to enhance your delivery of health care

Whenever possible, please add your own additional opinions/information in blank spaces provided.

Anonymous results of this survey will be available on "Cytometry for Life" website for all to use freely.

J. Paul Robinson, Ph.D.
SVM Professor of Cytomics and Director of the Cytometry for Life Program,
Bindley Bioscience Center - Purdue University