For each statement below, choose the answer that best describes how you FEEL about the statement. It is best to answer quickly without thinking or lingering.

* 1. I am working towards improving my life. Here is my contact information:

* 2. For my life to change, I have to make changes first.

* 3. Something needs to change for my life to get better but I am not sure what it is.

* 4. I am waiting for things to get better.

* 5. I am ready to put energy into creating a better life.

* 6. I am concerned about whether or not the changes I do make (or have made) will last.

* 7. As soon as things in the world return to normal, I can begin to concentrate on making changes.

* 8. I value support and believe it makes changes easier to handle.

* 9. I have enough to handle right now without trying to change something.

* 10. I am ready for my life to be different: I no longer want to settle for how things have been.