Welcome to Understanding the Barriers to Benchmarking Survey

The Future Livestock Consulting Internship is a two year program, aimed at young graduates wanting to develop a career as a livestock consultant. The program is proudly supported and funded via a partnership with MLA Donor Company (MDC) and private Agri-Consulting Businesses Australia-wide. 

As a part of my internship I am required to identify, develop and implement an industry project, addressing one of the SALRC priorities. I have chosen to address the 'Enhances whole of farm business management'  priority and gain a better understanding around the barriers to benchmarking. 

This survey looks at identifying and gaining a better understanding of the barriers to benchmarking. This includes barriers for producers that are currently benchmarking, those that have benchmarked in the past, and haven't benchmarked at all. The learning from this survey will drive the development of producer and industry factsheets, and further project outputs.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in my survey. Your feedback is valued and important.