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* 1. On a scale from 1 (MOST favorite choice) to 14 (LEAST favorite choice), please rank which project you'd most like us to highlight at the Ecovation Milestone event on October 18th. The deadline for completing this poll is Wednesday, Oct. 12th. Click to learn more about some of these efforts.  (We are using this poll to asses which of these projects hold the most potential for generating jobs and economic opportunity in the region of Cheshire, Franklin, Windham and Bennington Counties.)

You can rank the options below either by giving each option a number, or by grabbing the option by clicking on the left side of its bar and dragging it up or down.

We encourage people to read the comments at the bottom before taking the poll.

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* 2. Idea(s) not included above?

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* 3. Please share any comments/questions below:

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  • The first two items in the list appear too similar to my eyes. The second an expansion of the first?
  • That Alex's tool plan should include having some cooperatively shared and owned farm equipment.
  • Also that the Hempfully Green is promoting a green building method with hemp called hempcrete, to house a business that focuses on various healing modalities and items, healthy foods, drinks and hemp products.
  • Nursery production locally, and massive promotion and planting campaigns (by: gov't, business, nonprofit) of native food and medicinal plants (Elderberry, American groundnut, etc.) Goal: slow invasives and preserve "edge" ecosystems.
  • Mobile goat or sheep flocks for invasive plant and brush management. Example: The Goat Girls from W. Mass.
  • I think we should include examples of successful operations that are using ecological practices, including agroforestry and regenerative methods, providing pollinator and other ecosystem services, as well as enabling satisfying livelihoods for the farmers... one or more of the eliminated examples such as The Farm Between or D'Acres should be included as models, despite being outside our immediate region.
  • In response to the last comment, Tapalou Guilds Farm in Guilford, VT could be considered an example of a farm that is modeling the type of regenerative agriculture, permaculture and agroforestry practices that you mention, and it's in our region: -- Tad
  • The following ideas came out of the RAAF Coordinators' team. We refrained from including them in the poll in order to keep the poll options as small and manageable a number as possible, and because either they are not in the Ecovation Hub region or we did not see an easy way that they could help to create jobs and businesses here. Still, they inspire us: • Scott Farm and Orchard's ecological management techniques, Brattleboro • Ben Falk, Whole Systems Design, duck and rice cultivation, regenerative farming • The Farm Between, Jeffersonville, VT • Hawthorne Valley Biodynamic Farm and Education Center, Harlemville, NY • D-Acres Permaculture Farm and Education Center, Dorchester, NH • Cherry Rail Farm, swine & lumber & shiitakes, Brattleboro -- Tad Montgomery
  • From: Alex Wilson To: the RAAF Coordinators Team Hi (everybody), I think one of the challenges we are facing is that we haven’t really discussed the criteria by which we should be ranking the business opportunities. We may all have different criteria and weightings in mind. For me the major criteria are as follows: 1. Will this business opportunity create new jobs? 2. Will this business opportunity serve our broader mission-related goals, which include issues like contributing to a goal of producing a higher percentage of our food locally and improving ecosystem and soil health. 3. Does the business opportunity have a reasonable chance of success? This may be tied to the local champion of the idea. A project like the hemp building materials, for example, has a very active local supporter, which would be in that project’s favor. If we each have criteria in our minds, we may also have a sense of weighting—how important is each cri