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Its purpose is to define your marine electronics needs, preferences, and plans so that the industry can better support and serve you. It focuses on three topics, with a few demographic questions in the last section:
  • A little bit about your vessel(s) and how you use them
  • Your marine electronics budgets and investment plans
  • What matters to you when you select your solutions

This survey should take 20 minutes, and for each survey completed, we will donate $1.00 to your choice of Doctors Without Borders or Internews. So please encourage your friends to also take the survey!

Your answers will be completely anonymous with no personal identification information involved.

Tabulated results will be shared with Panbo and with the marine electronics supplier, retailer, distributor and service provider industry.

Our goal is to help the industry get the clearest possible picture of your requirements, preferences and plans so that they can serve you better than ever before.

Any questions marked with an asterisk (*) require an answer in order to progress through the survey.

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