Richmond Plaza Urban Pop-Up Park Survey

Hello! This is a survey asking a few simple questions to gather opinions and ideas on the design of an urban pop-up park in the parking lot! Everyone's opinions are welcome! All answers are anonymous.

Feel free to skip any question if you don't have time to fill out or do not have input for.

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1.What types of spaces or amenities are missing in your community? Check all that apply.
2.What activities would draw you out to a community plaza to hangout? Check all that apply
3.How connected do you feel to people in your community right now?
4.Are there places in your community where you can easily interact with other people?
5.Where in the city do you go to hang out with friends/family?
6.Are there quality places to take your kids in the community?
7.What would make you feel more safe and comfortable for you or your kids to walk around the community? (e.g. better-designed spaces to hangout on the street, traffic calming)
8.In your opinion, what makes an interesting space to socialize?