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This survey aims to provide you with a snapshot gap indicator of your organisation's safety culture based on your observations.

This survey tool was created from the award winning research undertaken by the Cooperative Research Centre on "Safety Effectiveness Indicators” and its key purpose is to measure the engagement of leaders and the safety actions in place in your organisation.

This survey is most effectively completed by a Safety Advisor, National Safety Manager or a key decision maker on safety for your organisation.

Based on your answers, your results will indicate how your organisation performs in five key areas and some suggested ways forward to help shape your safety actions for both quick wins and strategy planning.The use of the results is recommended to stimulate robust discussions for leaders to diagnose and reflect on their current safety culture. From this indicator your organisation can determine the next steps and organisational activities required to build stronger safety outcomes at all levels.

Within two business days of completing the indicator survey, we will email you a brief Safety Effectiveness report.

To discuss the full range of safety effectiveness indicators and their use within your organisation or business please contact us.

The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.You may exit and re-enter the survey at any time until you submit by clicking on the link you used to start the survey.

<fontcolor="#0000ff">This survey is no obligation and free of charge.

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