* 1. Each year copies of Parent Involvement Policies and Parent-School Compacts are sent home in campus registration packets. Did you receive a registration packet this year?

* 2. School staff members are friendly. I generally feel welcome when entering my child’s school.

* 3. I know my child’s teacher(s) and how to reach them.

* 4. I have been invited to school three or more times throughout the school year for activities such as programs, parent/teacher conferences, athletic events, plays, Open House, parties, college financial aid meetings, campus orientations, etc.)

* 5. My child’s school uses a variety of communication methods that includes notes, email, newspapers, newsletters, phone calls, conferences, channel 99, and websites.

* 6. My child’s school has contacted me regarding my child’s progress in school.

* 7. If you've been contacted about your child's progress, was the contact positive/productive?

* 8. I have received information from my child’s school about the academic curriculum, testing program in Texas, and how my child performed on state assessments

* 9. I have been given information about how I can help my child do his/her best in school.

* 10. Additional comments or suggestions for improving the school’s Title I Parental Involvement Program: