* 1. Select all schools your children attend.

* 2. Select all the grades for which you may have a child or children enrolled.

* 3. How often do you communicate with the teachers at your child's school?

* 4. How often does your child's school provide you with the opportunity to be involved in your child’s learning?

* 5. Have you been given the opportunity to plan and implement the parental involvement program at your child’s school?

* 6. Did you participate in any of the following decision making opportunities requiring parent input and partnerships? Please check all that apply.

* 7. In the past year, how often did you participate in a parental involvement activity, event, or program held at the school district?

* 8. How often do you visit your child’s school's web-site?

* 9. Which of the following prevents you from participating in workshops, events and/or activities at your child’s school?

* 10. Please indicate how effective each source is for communicating information about parental involvement at your child's school.

  Most Effective Effective Some What Effective Not Effective
Information Flyers
School Newsletter
School's Web-site
District's Web-site
Automatic Phone Calling Post
STAR (Reading/Math) Reports
School Newspaper
U S Mail

* 11. What is the primary language spoken in your home? Please check all that apply.

* 12. Which of the following topics would you like to receive more information on? (Check all that apply.)

* 13. When is the best time for you to attend a parent event?

* 14. Please indicate whether you received the following information from your child’s school.

  Received and very helpful Received, but not helpful Definitely did not receive Uncertain
Information about what the school teaches your child.
Information on the CRCT or EOCT.
Information on how your child scored on the CRCT or EOCT.
How to keep track of your child’s progress.
Information used to determine whether your child is moved to the next grade or is retained in same grade.
How to work with teachers to help your child in school.

* 15. For each activity listed below, please provide your feedback by checking the box that best describes your opinion.

  Not Valuable Valuable Least Valuable Did Not Participate
Title l Annual Meeting
Curriculum Night
Parent Involvement Meetings
Open House Night
Literacy Night
Science Fair
Parent Involvement Day
Homework Help Workshop
Parent-Teacher Conferences
Math Night

* 16. Please share a response to each statement below.

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
My child attends a family friend school.
My child attends a school that offers a quality education.