* 1. What are you renting?

* 2. Where else have you lived prior to moving into your new rental home/condo/apartment in Shorewood?

* 3. Have you and your family rented in Shorewood before?

* 4. If answered yes to question #2, what is the longest time you have maintained residence in Shorewood?

* 5. Do you have children living in your home 18 years or younger?

* 6. How many children living in your household?

* 7. Ages of children living in household

* 8. If have school-aged children, do they attend school in Shorewood?

* 9. If marked Q.7, what are the names of the school(s)?

* 10. Which of the following reasons influenced your decision to move to Shorewood? Rank 1-7 with 1 being the most important.

* 11. While living in Shorewood, what community resources do you plan to use for information about the community? Please check all that apply.

* 12. Are there any amenities or activities that the Village does not offer that are important to you and others in your household? Please list up to three.

If you provide us with your contact information, we would be happy to have someone from our Welcome Neighbors program contact you! Email PAD@villageofshorewood.org