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I've been in the trucking industry for 34 years now--starting in warehousing, driving, then sales and management. In 1988, I started Kennon Transport. In 1994, I became an agent for several carriers doing a million to multimillion dollars in sales each year. One of the things that was crucial to my success was a program I created and developed and would like to determine if it could benefit others as it did me. Please take a short, brief survey, or just skip ahead to answer any questions and feel free to leave comments or feedback on any question. Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this short survey.

* 1. Do you currently use dispatch software?

* 2. Do you pay monthly fees for this service?

* 3. Do you use tracking devices to keep track of your drivers or shipments (or, if you are a driver, so your company knows where you are)?

* 4. Do you feel the software you are using or that's available on the market is affordable?

* 5. Do you use integrated software?

* 6. Is the software you are using or have looked into too complicated?

* 7. How many trucks, service or emergency vehicles do you dispatch or have access to?

* 8. How many people would use or currently use dispatch software where you work?

* 9. What would you rather have; a very inexpensive basic dispatch program. A program that grows as you grow (one that can cater to your needs and pay as you go). Pay a one time fee for limited usage software. Purchase updates at a later time.

* 10. What services do you provide? (Check whichever ones pertain to you)