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We are graduate students at Dominican University in the MBA in Sustainable Enterprise program. As part of our graduate work, we are developing a business plan that is based on some of the key concepts of sustainable enterprise. Our business concept is a certification system for small farms and ranches that produce organic and natural foods.
The purpose is to make information on the farms’ organic produce transparent and readily available to consumers at point of purchase. To help us determine the viability of this business concept, we are conducting a brief nationwide survey.
It should take you less than ten minutes to complete this confidential survey. We will compile the survey findings and present them in summary form to businesses, farmers, consumers, and graduate school faculty. Your responses will be confidential; no individual identifying information will be reported.
We appreciate your completing this survey at your earliest convenience. Your responses will be very helpful in determining whether we should pursue this business opportunity. In addition, you will help owners of small organic farms learn how they can improve their marketing and communications.
Thank you in advance for your participation in our survey.

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